Information for F3J competitors,

To avoid any discussion at model processing and during the competition about using stabilisation devices the International Jury agreed on the following statement: According to the FAI Sporting Code (Volume ABR, Section 4C, paragraph 1.1, as interpreted by the CIAM Bureau at its December 2013 Meeting) the use of electronic stabilisation devices in classes F3J, F3F and F3B is forbidden. Any model glider containing such device, being it a separate unit or included in the receiver, will be not allowed to fly in the competition. If discovered by the organiser or Jury during the competition it will be considered cheating and penalised by disqualification from the event (FAI SC, General Section, paragraph
International Jury, nominated for the F3J WCh 2014
Tomas Bartovsky, Raymond Pavan, Marian Maslo

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