Position of the airport

Info frequency 123.6 MHz
Height above sea level 418 m / 1371 ft.
Type of airport public inland airport
Orientation 1.5 km East of Martin
Position N49 ° 03’ 45” E018 ° 57’ 10”
Surface grassy 1050m x 220m
Bearing capacity 5700 kg / 0,4 Mpa
Orientation 18 Left / 36 Right
Area of airport cca 20 ha

Proximity of a civilized town

– The airport is situated only 1,5 km from the town centre. The connection with the centre is provided by the public transport (MHD).
– It is only 2.5 km from a big shopping zone with supermarkets
– The Teaching Hospital is in the town centre, 2 km from the airport
– Accommodation according to the services offered, is available from 1,5 to 10 km from the airport